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Hiking Club Release of Liability Waiver Form

You, the reader, acknowledge that participation in a hiking activity carries with it inherent risks including, but not limited to, the risk of injury. And you, the reader, freely accept and fully assume all such risk(s). It is the responsibility of each participant of a trip to familiarize themselves with the risks of hiking and other activities including but not limited to skiing and snowshoeing, to weigh those risks against the advantages, and to decide whether or not to participate. The hiking club executive, organizers, and members cannot and will not assume liability in respect of any of these risks, dangers, hazards and liabilities. Participants further acknowledge that it is their responsibility to ensure that they carry adequate medical, extended health, dental and accident insurance coverage, as well as protection for personal possessions. It is the participants individual responsibility to verify that they are in good health and are physically capable of carrying out the hiking activity or any activity organized by the hiking club. Therefore, in consideration of being allowed to participate, individuals release the hiking club, and it's organizers, executive, webmasters, email senders and members from all liability in respect of any personal injury suffered, any damage or loss of personal property, which my arise out of participation in a hiking club activity.

Bear Mountain trip -  from Sunday July 9th 2006

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