June 2010 West Coast Trail photos (Part 3 of 4) by Andrew

We depart the campsite at Cribs for Tsusiat

Rock shelf exposed at low tide

Green Anemones in tide pools

An Ochre Starfish we met in a tide pool

The sandstone moonscape along the shoreline past Cribs

Sea urchants making their homes in the sandstone shelf

Back to the beach after a detour around an impassible headland

Halloween less than 5 months away

Bridge crossing of the Cheewat river

The detour caused by the beaver dam

We arrive at Nitnat Narrows

The morning people go ahead as the night people get ready to eat

Our turn for the ferry crossing the narrows

The morning people are forced to take the trail above the beach ahead of us,
the night people further behind get to walk through 'hole-in-the-wall" at low tide

Sun dried Chiltons

After a long slow walk on the beach our timing is right

Behold, 'hole in the wall' is ours

Our arrival at Tsusiat