June 2010 West Coast Trail photos (Part 1 of 4) by Andrew

The short ferry ride crossing the Gordon River to start the trail

We set foot on the West Coast Trail

Down ladders to cross a creek and back up again to continue

The rocks on the beach after our first night at the Thrasher campsite

We have to hurry to be at Owen Point for low tide or be swept out to sea

We safely reach Owen Point and the caves at low tide

The coastline changes from boulders and rocks to sandstone shelf

All of this rock shelf gets covered up at high tide

A medium surge channel where the sea rushes in first when the tide comes up

We climb back into the forest to go around impassable surge channels

On the trail above the clifs of the shoreline

Mud on the trail

Ladders and more ladders

Our dinning area at Campers Creek

We enter the Bog

The Logan Creek suspension bridge

The most difficult ladder on the trail

we arrive at Walbran Creek