The Hiking Club easy day hikes for beginners

Where to shop?

How much is all this stuff going to cost?

The answer is not very much if you know the secret.

What you do is go to the places that sell brand new equipment. Places such as Mountain Equipment Co-op, TaigaWorks, etc. After you have picked yourself off the floor when you have seen how expensive everything is here is what you do.

The secret is to go to Value Villliage and buy the exact same clothing and equipment for one tenth the price!

Do not waste your money on brand new equipment if you can help it. Some things are next to impossible to find used, like hiking boots, or socks. But the rest of your equipment can be found for one tenth the price! Besides, that jacket you take hiking will get wet and a little bit dirty anyways. Used clothing and equipment is far more comfortable to use without feeling guilty. Save your brand new MEC jacket for the city to impress your friends, hike with your less expensive used clothing you found at Value Villiage.

Link to Value Village

Link to Value Village

Hastings 1820 E. Hastings St. Vancouver, BC TEL (604) 254-4282

South Vancouver 6415 Victoria Dr. Vancouver, BC TEL (604) 327-4434

Burnaby 7350 Edmonds St Burnaby, BC TEL (604) 540-4066

Coquitlam 540 Clarke Rd. Coquitlam, BC TEL (604) 937-7087

Surrey 10642 King George Hwy. Surrey, BC TEL (604) 588-5225

Another option is Sports Junkies. At Sports Junkies people bring in their used equipment, clothing, skis, to have the store sell it for them for a commission. Prices are reduced a little bit each week until an item is sold. Sports Junkies keeps a commission, and gives the balance back to the original owner.

Link to Sports Junkies

Link to Sports Junkies

102 West Broadway in Vancouver

Another consignment store that has some hiking and backpacking gear is Cheapskates at 19th & Dunbar in Vancouver. What started out with one little store has grown into a presence around the corner of 16th and Dunbar. After a few years Cheapskates outgrew the first storefront location, but instead of moving to a larger building they opened up a second store and split up different kinds of sporting equipment. This led to Cheapskates Too at the corner of Dunbar and 17th, Cheapskates Fore a few doors down, and finally Cheapskates 19 at Dunbar and 19th.

The stores evolved into departments, each with its own specific type of inventory: Cheapskates 1 -skating, hockey, soccer, baseball and exercise equipment; Cheapskates Too -bicycles and parts; Cheapskates Fore -golf, racquets, and inline skates; and Cheapskates 19 -skis, snowboards, snowshoes, camping equipment, and ski clothes. Everything is sold on consignment, and the prices are discounted over time.

19th and Dunbar in Vancouver

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